Anti-Cheating System

Using devices that have been jailbroken, rooted, or with an altered OS will result in LuxWorld not working properly. Note that we will not assist you to retrieve your losing assets as a result of using GPS spoofing or hackware.

Three mechanics are used to stop cheating in the game, which includes the cheater's account being punished:

  • GPS

  • Motion sensor and health data (for Free Destination mode)

  • A machine learning LuxWorld's Anti-Cheating System (coming soon).

A user starts with a 100/100 Prestige Score (PS) which is invisible to the users. When a user’s Prestige Score is below 100, the user cannot interact with the NFT marketplace, or transfer between spending and wallet accounts. If a user is check-in without cheating, the Prestige Score will gradually return to 100/100.

The following table outlines how the System works and you accept the Prestige Score and token consequences that apply in these circumstances.

Examples*System ResultConsequence**

GPS spoofing/hacking


No earning, reduce PS

Check-in with multiple mobiles with LuxWorld activated at the same time

No Cheating


Free Desination Mode: Move with multiple mobiles with LuxWorld activated at the same time or Make animals carry phones with LuxWord activated


No earning, reduce PS

Check-in with a group of friends all with LuxWorld activated

No Cheating

Earning, increase PS

* If the reset token earning is LUX, a portion of the LUX will go to the Luxworld Pool. If the reset token earning is LUX, it will be refunded back to the total LUX release of the day.

Transferring Luggage from one account to another account will result the Luggage enters a Cooldown period, during Cooldown period, users cannot use this Luggage.

If user loses check-in because of transferring Luggage from Inventory to the Wallet, all the unopened Lucky Boxes on the user's account will be burned/purged.

Note that losing check-in by listing a Luggage in the marketplace will NOT burn/purge Lucky Boxes. Notes: Account verification: Only 1 account per person.

For the time being, we allow participants to have the use of email verification to verify that the specific account is the only one the user owns.

How does recovery info help you?

In case of:

  • You forget your password or lose your device.

  • Someone else is using your account

  • You’re locked out of your account for another reason

Tip: LuxWorld offers to send verification codes to your previous recovery email address for 24 hours. If someone starts to use your account without your permission, this allows you to quickly secure your settings.

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