Earn to Travel, Travel to Earn!
Tourism attraction and entertainment activity are inherently related activities for all people. A project brings value in many aspects, especially spirit and health. However, you need to spend a certain amount of money if you wanna reap those values.
“Dual experience”? - we will bring you extremely interesting stories. Accordingly, you can travel and participate in entertainment activities, specially, traveling has an appealing feature that allows them to earn rewards such as token or real-world fiat currencies.
Imagine the tourism industry with the power of cryptocurrencies.
A limitless world for all of us.
LuxWorld Web3 Travel-Social App based on few available elements, of which the focus is Social-Fi - a combination of social networking and finance to create decentralized social applications.
Empowerment and community participation have been recognized as means and outcomes of social innovations. In LuxWorld’s foundation, Social-Fi empowers people to earn money through check-in when traveling, mint-NFT, buy NFT in the marketplace, exchanging with people on the platform.
Users have become an independent development community. Not being through Financial Intermediaries (Fls), another management, not being constrained by rules, in my world you’re both the people who directly experience and the important partners that provide content values. You can make real fiat currency profits.
Start at LuxWorld, you just need to equip yourself a Luggage to be Traveller or just need to buy NFTs in the form of Check-in Nodes to be a Location owner.
Each subsequent check-in at a popular destination or entertainment location….means that you’re “filling up” your wallet.
You can earn reward-token that can subsequently be exchanged for real-fiat currencies, delivering actual benefits for their engagement rather than merely paying to play an app.
The story behind LuxWorld is the desire to contribute to the recovery and promotion of tourism attractions and entertainment activities around the world in general, including Vietnam after the Covid-19 pandemic.
We also want to create a green tourism community - where members are passionate about tourism and entertainment activities but still aim to converse and limit adverse impacts on the living environment.
Make a lot of sense when you become a traveler - who falls in love for tourism, entertainment and earns money on their hobby. At the same time, in LuxWorld, we can contribute to the preservation of scenic conservation.
With Social-Fi, LuxWorld aims for sustainable development.
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