Luggage Types

There are 4 Luggage types, each designed to suit a different travel requirements.

Note: The above example return is estimated based on the Space Attribute score of 50. However, it is important to note that actual earnings are influenced by a multitude of other factors, which are listed below.

Users’ $LUX return is not fixed rate, various factors cause it to fluctuate:

  • Durability of the Luggage, when you reach 0 then no further check-ins will be possible, additionally when the luggage reaches certain durability thresholds the total amount earned from each check in is also reduced.

  • Space attribute points affect how much you earn from each check in.

  • Minting Time: To receive the maximum earning from check-ins, users need to use the LuxWorld app to check in for the full minting time at the Check-in Node.

  • Check-in Node's Energy and Quality

  • GPS signal - users will earn less if GPS signal is poor. If the data signal is choppy, it could reduce earnings

  • Bonuses for Photos and Reviews at the Check-in Node (coming soon);

  • Randomization. the amount earned from each check in varies slightly.

If you want to increase your check-in limit, users need to:

  • Buy more Luggage;

  • Diversify the types of Luggage you own;

  • Buy higher quality Luggage.

Luggage Attributes

  1. Space (LUX earning): Luggage with a higher Space attribute will generate better $LUX earnings.

  2. Luck (Lucky Box): Luck determines the frequency and quality of a Lucky Box drop.

  3. Flexibility (Minting Speed): Luggage with higher Flexibility attribute points will result in a higher Minting Speed, leading to shorter Minting Time (waiting time at Check-in Nodes).

  4. Resilience (Durability): Resilience affects the Durability. Higher Resilience will result in a slower rate of Durability decay. The higher the Luggage level or quality, the higher the repair cost.

After every check-in, the durability of your Luggage will decrease (based on the Luggage's resilience attribute) directly affecting the $LUX earning of user in two ways, if it reaches 0 then no further check ins are possible, however when the luggage reaches certain durability thresholds the total amount earned from each check in is also reduced.

To ensure your earning the highest amount possible, users should repair the luggage at important milestones:

  • At 80% of Durability, LUX earning drops to 90%

  • At 50% of Durability, LUX earning drops to 50%

  • At 20% of Durability, LUX earning drops to 10%

When Durability reaches max 100, travelers receive a check-in with very short minting time.

During the initial three-month phase following the mainnet launch, we aim to optimize user experience by potentially expediting the minting process.

To increase Attribute points, Travel Users can:

  • Level Up to get more attribute points to allocate

  • Buy a higher quality Luggage

  • Insert a Diamond into the Lock of their Luggage.

Users will be able to burn LUX/ETH to reset the Luggage’s Attribute points. The more frequent the reset, the more expensive it will be, with the cost capping at a certain level. (Under Development)

Luggage Quality

There are 4 Luggage qualities.

Luggage Level

Users can level up their Luggage by burning $LUX and waiting a completion period.

Each level-up takes a fixed amount of time to complete, which increases along with the amount of $LUX required with each level up.

This process can be sped up by using even more $LUX.

Upon level-up, users will obtain 5 - 20 additional Attribute points to assign, based on their Luggage quality.

Luggage Customization (Under Development)

At Level 20, users have the option of burning $LUX to customize their Luggage, including but not limited to - luggage design, name changing, adding a quote, adding extra Attribute points etc...

Co-branded Luggage (Under Development)

LuxWorld will work with top Luggage brands to launch co-branded Luggage.


Users who check-in at nodes belonging to specific brands will have the opportunity to receive Membership Rights. Check-in history of users will be recorded to count points and raise the level of Membership. With higher Membership, users can enjoy attractive discounts or various benefits from brands.

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