Check-in Node

Initially a check-in node will have a coverage radius of 40 m. The coordinates should not be related to PSA (Politically sensitive areas).

Locate a Check-in Node:

After buying a Check-in Node NFT, Node Owners can set up the Check-in Node, including the:

  • Coordinates: Longitude, Latitude

  • Name of Check-in Node

  • Description: Address of Check-in Node

  • Owner

  • Category

  • How to get there/Near by

  • Logo/Photo

Travelers can send alert message if the Check-in Node Owner provides excessive misleading information or is located at a dangerous location. In this case, the Check-in Node will become 'pending for review'.

Other information about the Check-in Node will be automatically shown, including:

  • ID Number

  • Status: Active, Pending Review, Damaged, Flagged, Suspended...

  • Level and Quality

  • Current Energy

  • Last Check-in

  • Rating/Review


Be aware that Check-in Node Owners’ return is not a fixed rate, many factors cause it to fluctuate. How many $LUX tokens an owner will receive depends on:

  • The number of Travelers's Checking-in.

  • The Check-in Node's Attributes (higher Popularity attributes will help earn more; higher Resilience attributes result in a slower Energy reduction and so on).

  • The Energy of the Check-in Node; once this is depleted travelers can no longer check in and either a 12 hour period needs to pass to replenish energy naturally, or a $LUX fee can be paid to do this instantly. Additionally, as the energy falls below 50% and 20% the the amount of $LUX earned by each check in will be reduced (to 90% then 10% of normal earnings).

  • The Level and Quality of Travelers' Luggage will also affect Node Owner's earning: Higher level or rarer quality leads to higher earnings.

  • Bonus from Photos/Reviews from Travelers (coming soon).

Check-in cap: Start with 30 check-in/day/node.

Check-in Node Attributes

  1. Popularity (LUX earning): Check-in Nodes which have higher a popularity attribute will generate higher amounts of $LUX tokens per check-in.

  2. Luck (Lucky Box): Check-in node owners chances of receiving lucky boxes from check-ins scales with their luck attribute, the higher it is the higher their chances.

  3. Coverage (Reference Sensibility): The higher your coverage is, the wider your check-in area is and the higher your check-in cap.

  4. Resilience (Energy): Each check in by a traveler will decrease the nodes energy, the higher your Resilience points the slower Energy depletes. when the amount of energy at a node reaches 0 either a 12 hour period needs to pass to replenish energy naturally, or a $LUX fee can be paid to do this instantly. While at 0 no check-ins can occur.

  • Check-in Node Owners have to wait to recover it for a certain time or burn LUX to speed up the waiting time.

  • The Energy level will directly influence $LUX earnings for both the Node Owner and the Traveler. When your energy decreases the amount earned from each check in will also as follows:

    • At 80% of Energy, LUX earning drops to 90%

    • At 50% of Energy, LUX earning drops to 50%

    • At 20% of Energy, LUX earning drops to 10%

To increase Attribute points, Node Owners can:

  • Level up

  • Insert a Diamond

Users will be able to burn LUX or ETH to reset the Check-in Node's Attribute points. The more frequent the reset, the more expensive it will be, with the cost capping at a certain level (Under Development)

Check-in Node Quality

There are four qualities of check-in Nodes:

QualityMin AttributeMax AttributeBonus points/Level upMax Points





















Check-in Node Level

Users can level up their check-in node to Lv1 - Lv20 by burning $LUX, this starts a level up timer at the end of which your level increases. Each level-up takes a fixed amount of time to complete, which increases along with the amount of $LUX required with each level-up. This process can be sped up by using even more $LUX.

Upon level-up, owners will receive 5 to 20 additional points to distribute to their Check-in Node's Attributes.

At max level, users need to choose between earning $LUX or ETH. Switching between $LUX or ETH is allowed, but will be subject to a "cooldown" duration of 24 hours.

MilestoneTriggered Event

Level 3

Open Lock 1

Level 5

Check-in Node Minting

Level 6

Open Lock 2

Level 9

Open Lock 3

Level 10

Check-in Node Merging

Level 12

Open Lock 4

Level 15

Leasing function

Check-in Nodes Customization

After buying an NFT, Node owners have one chance to set up the Node information for free.

Users have the option of burning $LUX to edit/change your Check-in Node information. It will take at least 24 hours to review the customization request. The cost and waiting time for customization will increase gradually with each subsequent customization.

Approval Status will be updated regularly until completed:

  • Active (Approved)

  • Pending Review

  • Rejected


Check-in Node Owners can grant membership rights to travel users who check-in at their locations. The check-in history of users will be recorded to count points and raise their level of Membership. With higher levels of Membership, users can enjoy attractive discounts or various benefits from brands.

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